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Hurd Announces Nationwide Launch of New Ultra-R Windows With R-Values up to an Unprecedented R-20

Posted by http://www.marketwire.com 2011/10/17

  Groundbreaking Technology Offers the Most Energy Efficient Glazing Available
  MEDFORD, WI--(Marketwire - Oct 13, 2011) - Hurd Windows and Doors announced the introduction of its newest product with groundbreaking glazing technology, the Ultra-R glazed window. This innovative product from Hurd will make its national debut at the Remodeling Show in Chicago, October 13-15, 2011. The new Ultra-R glass option with Heat Mirror technology, which is not offered by any other leading U.S. wood window manufacturer, joins Hurd's broad range of performance products and is expected to be extremely popular with homeowners.
  Ultra-R windows with Heat Mirror technology -- manufactured by Southwall Insulating Glass -- utilize Heat Mirror films suspended within the insulated glass to achieve R-values that range from an impressive R-6 to an unprecedented R-20. These films are coated with nanoscale metal particles that reflect heat back to its source and improve insulation, block UV rays, reduce noise and amplify owner comfort.
  This technology is groundbreaking because energy efficient glazing utilizing just low-E coatings is reaching its performance limits. Even triple pane glass pales in comparison for insulation and has severe limitations due to significant added weight. At 33 percent lighter than triple-pane windows, Ultra-R windows can have one, two or three sheets of the virtually weightless suspended film to create up to four super-insulating cavities, which when filled with krypton gas can reach a center of glass insulation value (R-value) of 20. By comparison, a standard 2x6 wall insulated with fiberglass rates at R-19.
  By blocking 99.5 percent of UV rays, Hurd's Ultra-R windows significantly reduce fading and other sun damage to furnishings and wood flooring. Ultra-R windows also reduce noise by 20% over typical dual pane windows.
  Ultra-R windows not only save homeowners money on energy bills year-round, but their remarkable traits are combined with the quality, beauty and performance one would expect from a Hurd window. The product also comes with Hurd's exclusive Lifetime Limited Warranty and the added protection of CoreGuard?, the best wood treatment in the industry.
  "This opportunity to partner with Southwall Technologies to create the Ultra-R window has expanded the energy-efficient options available to our customers," said Hurd Windows and Doors President and CEO Dominic Truniger. "Our market tests in Canada have shown the popularity of this line. Now that we can offer the Ultra-R throughout the United States, I am positive it's going to soon become one of America's favorite windows."
  Invented in 1980 by MIT and commercialized by Southwall Technologies, Heat Mirror technology is by far the most energy efficient glazing system one can buy. It's been in use since then, primarily in commercial construction. In 1999 Heat Mirror technology was ranked in Popular Science magazine's list of the 100 best inventions of the millennium and has been credited with saving tens of millions of barrels of oil in commercial use. As an added credit to its value, in 2010 all 6,514 windows of the Empire State Building were retrofitted with Heat Mirror insulating glass units.
  FOR MORE INFORMATION on Hurd Ultra-R glazing or any other Hurd product, please contact your local Hurd distributor. For copies of Hurd Windows and Doors' Full Line catalog, e-mail perfection@hurd.com or call 800-433-4873.
  HWD Acquisition, Inc. is headquartered in Medford, Wisconsin. The company markets products under the Hurd brand, which is recognized for its 90-plus year tradition of building custom wood windows and doors to the highest standards of excellence and quality. Hurd products are sold exclusively through more than 400 distributors in the United States and Canada, and in 20 countries worldwide. With factories in Medford and Merrill, Wisconsin, Hurd products are manufactured in 600,000 square feet of production space. For more information, visit www.hurd.com. Toll free: 1-800-433-4873.
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