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Zibo dingzhan glass containers Factory
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Shandong Zibo dingzhan glass containers glass factory is located in town - Zibo Development Zone, founded in 1998, covers an area of 40,000 square meters, construction area of 1000 square meters 6, with 430 skilled workers. There are 3 production lines specializing in the production of affordable high glass vase lantern Yan Gang, and other glassware.
Show business is a top professional enterprise engaged in the daily use of glassware manufacturer, the products are mainly engaged in glass, vases, light Cup, the Cup, Cup decals, glass plate, bowl, cover glass, glass ashtrays, glass candlestick, etc. Containers.
"Dingzhan" brand series of heat-resistant glass container, show the top glass containers Products Co., Ltd. R & D and production of a new type of boron steel-resistant silicon products. The green, with tasteless non-toxic, transparent appearance, high temperature, are easy to clean, strength and so on. Is the electric stove, microwave, steamer, refrigerator, dishwasher, and other home appliances in the best supporting the use of containers.
To you and your family's health, please read carefully before using this description
1, the product of direct ban on open flame heating;
2, microwave ovens use is strictly prohibited in no-load;
3, removed from the oven, should be placed on dry wood, please do not contact with wet, cold objects;
4, the product in the oven temperature can reach 250 degrees or more, when you set out protective gloves to guard against burn;
5, to extend the service life of the product, to avoid severe grazing or scratching tool;
6, the whole process of product use, please stay away from children.

Commitment to quality: this product under normal use, such as three months of quality problems occur, the holder can buy the products, manuals and shopping vouchers to the manufacturers or dealers to change.

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