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About Us

Jiashan silver litre glass co., LTD., is a Hong Kong joint venture, the Yangtze river delta region is the flagship enterprise of glass deep processing industry. After ten years of development, the company make full use of geographical advantages, play industry expertise, integration of resources, forge ahead, and constantly expand the international and domestic market, superior achievements, won the customer trust, reputation spread far from home and abroad. Products are exported to all over the world, with many international and domestic well-known company has established long-term and stable relations of cooperation. So far, silver glass covers an area of about 75000 square meters, along the canal, self-built loading dock, the raw transport convenience. Silver rose company existing staff 400 people, with a large number of outstanding management from domestic, Hong Kong and Taiwan regions and technical personnel. In order to guarantee product quality, we also introduce a large number of glass deep processing machinery and equipment and advanced technology at home and abroad, including Italy, automatic cutting machine, Intel mark CNC grinding machine, sitting east Japan automatic cutting edge grinding, CNC cutting machine, automatic drilling machine, fully automatic water sticker machine, equipment and so on and have a clean screen printing workshop, dust-free film workshop. Can complete different thickness, different shapes of glass, lens of open interfaces, edge grinding, drilling, screen printing, water cutting, toughened, sticker and other technology, meet the needs of different customers. Company with independent import and export rights, products comply with European Union ROHS standards, has passed the certification of BS EN 12150 British BS6206 and the European Union. Household type of glass is mainly used in high-grade furniture, hotel engineering, productions are sold to Europe, the United States, Canada, southeast Asia and other places, well received by customers. Home appliance base class glass is mainly used in TV, display screen, acoustics, electronic scale, washing machines, refrigerators panel panels of household appliances, such as; Hutch defends a kind of glass is mainly used in the kitchen range hood, cooker, disinfection cabinet, oven, microwave ovens and other kitchen appliances; By samsung, philips, SONY, omron, square too, the boss and other customer specified as a qualified supplier and bulk supply for many years. 2014 more big investment, increase the ultra-thin electronic chemical tempered glass business, imported from Japan, Taiwan, Germany advanced automation equipment, processing the largest can produce G6 specifications (1500 x1850mm) chemical tempered glass. Products are widely used in TV, display, touch screen and sensor, OGS tablet cover glass, solar energy battery components and other purposes. Our goal is to build in east China and even the nation's largest chemical optoelectronics, photovoltaic glass steel base, photoelectricity, the photovoltaic industry to provide high-quality chemical tempered glass.