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buy 1mm mirror March 06,2014

buy 1mm mirror 43.30*59.70mm*1mm(t) 5000PCS


buy Mirror glass March 06,2014

Would buy 1.2 mm thin mirror, large sheets, in addition

buy toughened laminated glass March 06,2014

Need a group of 17.52mm toughened laminated glass

buy 3MM embossed glass March 06,2014

buy 3MM embossed glass


Purchasing embossed glass March 06,2014

Purchasing embossed glass


buy Double-sided AR coated glass March 06,2014

Diameter 7.7mm thickness 0.35mm ~ 0.4mm double-sided AR

buy Fire Glass March 06,2014

buy Fire Glass , New Zealand certification. Mainly to d

New Zealand

buy 2.5mm thickness ordinary glass March 06,2014

Would like to ask if your company has a production 2.5m


smart phone screen March 06,2014

Thickness of 0.1 ~ 0.3 mm, the size (20 ~ 30) mm × (30

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